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Our Story

TLC Animal Care was founded in early 2015 by Dr. Andra Edwards after she recognized a need for high quality, affordable, compassionate veterinary care in her home town of Palouse, Wa.  After working at a larger practice for ten years, Dr. Edwards envisioned a small veterinary clinic with “big hospital” capabilities, but with a “small town” feel.   It was very important to Dr. Edwards and her husband William Edwards, a local pharmacist, to be as financially responsible as possible when building TLC.  After contemplating rental locations, searching for properties to purchase, and even considering a mobile only practice, they decided that the most financially sound decision was to remodel the garage and basement of their home in order to accommodate a small veterinary clinic.  TLC Animal Care, with TLC standing for “The Little Clinic,” was born. 

Over the last 8 years, TLC has grown by leaps and bounds.  What started as a two day a week practice with limited hours and equipment has bloomed into a nearly full time business with a lab, surgical suite, ICU capabilities, digital radiology, and more.  Paper records quickly gave way to full electronic medical records, and Dr. Edwards soon found herself fully booked nearly every day for appointments, and surgery and dental procedures often booked out two weeks or more. 


The clinic became a little too big for its britches, and the TLC team needed to find a larger space to accommodate the growth. Dr. Edwards and her husband, along with two other local families, purchased the Brownfield Site in downtown Palouse in 2019.  Covid caused a few bumps in the road, but construction finally completed in 2021 and we have a brand new home for TLC Animal Care. The team is beyond excited to continue to grow the business and provide even better care for our clients and patients!  Having more space has opened the door to so many exciting possibilities, including increased appointment availability, more surgical and dental bookings, and more staff to help further the mission and the vision. Dr. Edwards and the TLC staff are thoroughly enjoying our new building and Dr. Edwards is happy to have her basement back!  With the support of our amazing TLC clients, what started out as a few vaccine appointments a week has grown into an amazing opportunity to serve our community at the highest level possible. We are truly “the little clinic that could.”

TLC Animal Care has a local reputation of compassion and care that has spread out from Palouse to a much wider geographical area.  We attract clients from as far as 65 miles away with our competitive pricing and kind, quality, individualized care.  TLC practices generosity in volunteerism, and we are well known for our work with shelter animals and feral cat spay/neuter events.  Our charitable works, community involvement, and creative use of social media do as much to spread our name as any intentional advertising.  

We are fortunate at TLC to have professional, competent, motivated staff who are the heart and soul of this clinic.  Our staff works daily to uphold our mission, which is to provide high standard, compassionate veterinary care for our patients, centered on quality of life for the entire family.  Our employees are absolutely essential for maintaining our mission, as well as working toward our vision of maintaining our small town feel while continually striving to advance our equipment, technology, and surgical and medical capabilities in order to provide the best care possible to our clients and patients. We can't wait to see you and your furry family members at TLC Animal Care!  

Meet Our Team

Wil and Andi TLC sign.JPG

Dr. Andra Edwards

Dr. Andra Edwards (known to clients as "Dr. Andi") is a lifelong resident of Palouse.  She left town just long enough to attend Washington State University, where she received her DVM in 2005.  Dr. Andi and her husband, Pharmacist Wil, moved back to Palouse after graduation, where they welcomed two little helpers to the family. The Edwards Family enjoys camping, fishing, hiking, sports, and are often found working on a never-ending list of farm projects together.  TLC Animal Care has been a family affair from the beginning, and Dr. Andi couldn't do what she does without the support and help from her husband and kids. 

Dr. Andi loves all her patients, but has a special place in her heart for cats. She particularly enjoys volunteering for TNR programs, and loves helping out with Whitman County Humane Society kittens.  She is very excited to be in the new building, and feels extremely blessed to have such an awesome family, unicorn clients, lovely patients, and a "purrfect" team.  

Tech Lili Bio Pic.JPG

Lead Tech Lili

Lili grew up in Lynwood, WA, just north of Seattle. After graduating high school, she moved to Pullman where she received her Bachelor's degree of Animal Sciences.  She loves spending time with her animals at home, drawing and painting, and relaxing by a bonfire with friends and family. 


Dr. Anna Pfeiffer

Dr. Anna Pfeiffer was born and raised in Alaska and moved to Washington to pursue a degree in veterinary medicine.  Since graduating from Washington State University, College of Veterinary Medicine, she has had the opportunity to work on all types of animals from dogs and cats, to wildlife, horses, farm animals, and exotics.


 Her passion for surgery has led her to open her own veterinary relief business, Cougar Veterinary Services, where the enjoys doing surgery for many clinics as well as TNR in both Whitman County and Benewah County.  She is excited to partner with Dr. Edwards help out with TLC Animal Care's surgical patients.


TLC is extremely pleased to be able to provide this added surgical expertise and an extra layer of safety on big surgical days that benefit from having two doctors in the building. 

Dog giving a high five

Tech Aleethea

Bio coming soon!


Reception/Tech Michelle

Bio Coming Soon!

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