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Rainbow Kitty Rescue

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Rainbow Kitty Rescue started as a cute name given by Dr. Andi's daughter, Lola, to the care provided by TLC to orphan kittens every year.  Over the years, Dr. Andi, with the help of her kids, has taken in countless orphan kittens and injured, ill, or homeless cats, provided medical care, vaccines, spay/neuter, and rehabilitation to these kitties, and then adopted them out to loving of charge.  Of course providing high quality care to these cats is costly, and TLC began asking for a monetary donation at time of adoption.  People have donated anywhere from $20 to $200, and every single dollar has helped us continue to facilitate this amazing work we do for cats.  


In 2020, we received a very generous donation from a local cat lover, and decided that it was high time to make Rainbow Kitty Rescue a reality as a non-profit organization.  We are currently in the process of completing paperwork to make this happen, and expect to be a full fledged rescue group by 2022.  We will maintain our focus of taking in homeless kittens, and finding them loving homes, but will also work toward providing spay/neuter services for local feral cats and kittens in the form of TNR.  


We aren't officially a tax deductible non-profit yet, but we will definitely gratefully take donations of funds, as well as Friskies canned food and hard-shell cat carriers in good condition.  Check out our Rainbow Kitty Rescue merch in our store too!  Every penny of profit from RKR merch goes straight into Rainbow Kitty Rescue's funds!   Please contact us at 509-592-8073 to donate!  

Available for Adoption!

We currently have no kittens available for adoption.  Check back often as kittens are always coming and going! 


Thank You!

Your support means the world to us!  Check back here to see news, fundraising events, opportunities to help us help kitties, and see our adoptable cats and kittens!  

Rainbow Kitties! 

Check out some of our rescue kittens.  These kittens all have since found their forever homes! We just LOVE a pawsitive outcome! 

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