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Cat on Green


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Our pawesome friends at State Bank have recently blessed us with a very generous monetary donation!  We are so thankful for this gift, and can't wait to use it to help more cats and kittens in need!

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Cat Joe

TLC would like to officially welcome our newest staff member. Every clinic needs a Security Guard, right? Cat Joe bravely protects us from the threat of peacock feathers and rogue cotton balls. In all seriousness, Cat Joe has quite a story. He’s a miracle kitty with an incredible will to live, and is true inspiration. Make sure you grab a tissue, and watch our Cat Joe video to see his amazing story!

cat joe security.jpg
TLC building.jpg

Our new building is complete!

"Ruff" Opening

In February 2022, we held our "Ruff" Opening event.  We invited everyone to come into the building and decorate our bare floors and studs with art, memorials, well wishes, and more.  The building is finished now, and  it brings us great joy to know that we are surrounded by so many wonderful messages hidden beneath the walls and flooring!  Click on the interactive gallery below to check it out! 

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